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Reception Home Learning Daily Excercise - Get Moving

        *Don't forget your Homework packs available from school*

In Phonics, we are recapping Phase 3 sounds. Please work through the PowerPoints with your children and encourage them to join in with any linked actvities.
The children will likely show you the actions of the sounds but please support them with letter formation. Have fun!   Our sound for this week is

           The 'or' sound  <   Click Here          

        Tricky Words Activity <  Click Here


 Can you write 3 sentences using an  'or'  word?

            Each day do one of the  'or' or 'tricky words' activities below.  Click below                

*Don't forget to read every day - Story time is a special time   *

NCan you do the following maths activities? Try to do one each day.

Number Bonds     < Click Here

   Number song    < Click Here


Religious Education

   Jesus returns to heaven but he sends a powerful friend and guide.  

Pentecost    Click Below

Make a headband with flames on to remind you about Pentecost. Write your name on the band



Dear God our father

Thank you that you sent your son Jesus to die in our place, to bring us life. Thank that you that Jesus returned to heaven to be with you so that one day we may also be with you. Thank you that you sent the Holy Spirit to be with us, to guide and help us.




Do one or all the craft activities below using cardboard rolls or paper plates

Make a Billy Goat mask

Make a Three Billy Goat Gruff or a Troll.

Make a Troll Mask ( Don't frighten your family.

Make a Three Billy Goats Puppet (Sheets are in your homework packs from school)

I would love to know how you are all getting on. Send in some photos and  messages about your school work at home tto the website below

Mrs Longton


Understanding of the World

Can you make a strong bridge for the Billy Goats to cross the river safely ?

Can you balance a tin can on your bridge?  

Celebrate image

It is important that we communicate and even though we are in isolation, then we don't feel isolated.   We would love to see examples of the work that the children have been doing at home. This includes pictures and videos. You can send these via the email address: homework@ourladyoflourdesschool.org.uk. Please state on the email if you are happy for your children's achievements to be shared on our website. 

Thank you and take care!  Mrs Longton

                              ***Just a reminder...***
If you haven't already, please sign up to this website below. It really is a great resource to access books whilst you are not getting them from school.

The link below will take you to the Oxford Owl Website.
This website gives you access to many FREE ebooks which you can access on a computer, laptop or tablet. 
It is a great resource to keep reading fun!

Here is another link to a website which has lots of animated stories... You can sign up to Vooks and get 1 month free. 


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