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Ice and Snow

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Street Feet

To help us learn about road safety, all of Year 2 took part in Street Feet.  This taught us about how to safely cross roads and be a good pedestrian.  Here are some pictures of us taking part:

In November We Remember

In R.E this term thought about people who have died, people who we know and people who may have died in war.  We wrote some prayers asking God to pray for those who have died.  Here are a couple of our prayers.  

Dear God,
I hope my Grandma is safe in Heaven and my Grandpa is an angel.  Make him happy forever.
Please make the soilders better from the war.  Make more poppies grow to help us to remember them.
Amen                                           -Sharon


Dear Mary,
I want you to take care of my great great grandmother and I hope she is alright up in Heaven.  Also take care of the men who died in war.  Please help the people who are ill.
Amen                                        -Rayna


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