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Our Curriculum at Our Lady of Lourdes


What We Do

Since September 2019, the staff at Our Lady of Lourdes have been carefully planning a curriculum that meets the needs of the pupils in our school, whilst building on their prior knowledge and developing new skills.  Click on the picture to have a look at how we teach each subject at Our Lady of Lourdes.


Our Whole School Curriculum Impact Statement explains the rationale behind the creation of our curriculum and our intentions for the children in there learning.  It has recently been updated (January 2021) to explain the changes we have made due to the Global Pandemic.

Whole School Overview

Year 1 Long Term Map

Year 6 Long Term Map

Whole School Writing Genres

Long Term Art & Design


At Our Lady of Lourde we use Milestones at each Key Stage to ensure that the children are being taught all the key skills the require in the foundation subjects.  These will be covered at various times during each pupils' time at school, ensuring that they are building on their prior knowledge but also recapping what they have learned.  By the end of each stage, pupils will have covered all the milestone before moving onto the next stage.

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