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English is made up of Reading and Writing.  Key to developing reading and writing skills is the phonics, which begins in Early Years.  Much of our reading and writing centres around a class text each half term, but these skills are also developed through the work we do throughout the wider curriculum.  Our Curriculum Leaders are Amelia Parker (Writing) and Katy Marshall (Reading/Phonics)


Maths is led in school by Amelia Parker.  Throughout their journey at school, the children will develop fluency and reasoning skills.  In school we use a range of resources to ensure that pupils have a sound knowledge of number, shape and measure.



Science has been carefully planned to allow the children to learn more about themselves, their bodies and the world they live in.  Scientific enquiry, as well as encouraging pupils to question new ideas is developed from an early age.  Strong links are made between Science, PHSCE and Geography, meaning that children will recap and build on the skills they have learned during their time at school.  Science is lead by Chloe Douglass.


Humanities encorporates History and Geography and is led by Rachel Scholes.  Both subjects have been planned to serve as the class topics each half term and link very closely to the English texts for each year group.  Topics have been chosen to build on pupils sense of self, where they have come from and where their place is in the world.  Emphasis starts with local links, before opening up into the wider world.


The Arts

Music, Art, Design and Technology and PE allow pupils to express themselves creatively, learn new skills and work collaboratively.  Through these areas, pupils also focus on their on well-being, whilst also finding ways to better or improve their ideas or skills.  Many of the topics covered within the Arts link closely to other curricular areas, but we also employ the skills of outside experts to help in these subjects.

Music Coordinator - Katy Marshall

Art Coordinator - Amelia Parker

Design and Technology Coordinator - Amelia Parker

PE Coordinator - Greg Finn








Computing is used not only as an isolated subject, allowing pupils to develop a range of skills, but can also be utilised across the whole curriculum.  By developing this ICT skills, we try to prepare pupils to be responsible, aware users in a digital age.   Teachers are skilled to teach computing in all classes, but we have also bought in "experts" to demonstrate new technologies to the children. Computing is led by Vicky Garrard.

Religious Education

As a Catholic School, the Gospel Values encompasses everything that we do.  We try to instill these values through our code of conduct.  Religious Education is divided into two parts - Curriculum RE and Collective Worship.  Through the RE curriculum, we not only encourage pupils to follow the examples of Jesus, but we also look at how people practise religion in other faiths and demonstrate how our pupils can live out their faith.  The curriculum leader for RE is Greg Finn.



PHSE is threaded through the school curriculum, encouraging pupils to grow to become respectful citizens who contribute to society, as well as focusing on their mental health and well-being.  Through separate topics, strong cross curricular links and special events in school, the children learn to make a positive contribution, solve problems they may encounter and learn valuable life skills.  By using Circle Time, reflection and lesson time, children have an opportunity to share and discus their feelings in a safe environment.

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