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Attendance Week Ending 01/07/2022

Class Attendance %
Reception 90.52%
Year 1 93.55%
Year 2 92.50%
Year 3 91.81%
Year 4 95.83%
Year 5


Year 6 98.28%

Child Absence - If you child is going to be absent, please inform the office before 9.10am


                When your child is unwell it can be hard deciding whether to bring them to school.   A few simple guidelines can help.  Not every illness needs to keep your child away from school.

.   Cough and cold.  Children with a cough or cold may attend school. If your child has a more severe and long-lasting cough make an appointment with your GP. They can give guidance on whether your child should be absent from school.

.   Headache or slightly raised temperature. Children with a minor headache or slightly raised temperature may attend school. If the headache is more severe or is accompanied by other symptoms such as drowsiness or high temperature make an appointment with your GP.

.  Vomiting and diarrhoea. Children with these conditions must be absent from school. Children can return to school 48 hours after their symptoms disappear.

Changes to Term-Time Holiday entitlement

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