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Breakfast Club


Our Breakfast Club is kindly supported by the Huddersfield Town Foundation.  

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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

How to book a place at Breakfast Club

We have made some changes to how Breakfast Club will operate, so we advise that you read this carefully to ensure that you fully understand how to get your child into Breakfast Club each week.   

Breakfast Club will be running from September, from 7.45am until 9am every morning.   Numbers will be limited to 10 pupils per year group.   Places will be allocated on a first come – first served basis and must be pre booked after you receive an invitation on School Ping.  Please do not send your child if you have not had your place confirmed.

How to book you place.

Every Sunday at 5pm you will receive an invitation from SchoolPing to book your child’s place at Breakfast Club for the following week (not the next day). The link is titled “Parents’ Evening” but will take you to the Breakfast Club booking form. 

There are 10 available places for each class (please ignore the times written in each box and just click on any available slot) Green boxes indicate that there is still availability in that group, whilst grey boxes mean that a place has been taken. Once you click on one of the green boxes, it will book your place for the entire week and a confirmation message will appear.

The school office will be informed of who has booked a place and will keep a register to mark pupils present on their arrival. Unfortunately there is no way to book individual days, but if you are not able to use one of your places, please let us know and we can offer another family a one off place.

Arrival at Breakfast Club.

When dropping your child off at Breakfast Club we ask that you stay with your child until they are met by an adult who will mark them present on the register. If you are not on the register, your child will not be admitted to Breakfast club. To allow breakfast club to run smoothly, drop off will be between 7.45am and 8.15am to allow the children enough time to be served and eat their breakfast. We cannot admit children after this time.

If you have booked a place that you no longer need, please inform the office as soon as possible so that we can make that place available to another family. Failure to attend at breakfast club without a valid reason will mean that you may be prevented from getting a place in the future.

Places at breakfast club are also subject to good behaviour and anyone who cannot follow the school Code of Conduct, will not be able to attend future sessions. If you have any questions about Breakfast Club, please so not hesitate to contact the office for more information. 

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