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School Uniform


Navy blue jumper or sweatshirt with logo on,

Pale blue shirt and school tie,

Dark Grey/Black trousers,

Black or navy shoes - NO TRAINERS PLEASE

Navy blue blazers for Year 6 boys.



Navy blue jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt with logo on.

Pale blue blouse and school tie,

Dark Grey/Navy skirt, pinafore or TAILORED trousers.

Blue gingham summer dress.

Black or navy shoes - NO TRAINERS PLEASE

Navy blue blazers for Year 6 girls.



PE KIT (not required in Nursery)

Navy blue or black shorts and a white t-shirt.

Black pumps.

Clearly labelled pump bag with a draw string.  Please do not put PE kits in back packs; there is not enough room on their cloakroom pegs for them.

Spare underwear and socks are a useful addition to your child's pump bag.

PE kit(1)

Natasha's in Huddersfield are the provider for sweatshirts with the academy logo on. Ties can be purchased from your Parentpay account and then collected from the office or bought at the office at a cost of £3.20 elasticated or formal.  Swimming caps are also available at a cost of £2.00.

Book bags with the Academy logo are also available from your Parentpay account and then collected from the office or bought from the office at a cost of £5.00.

PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING, including shoes, or it is not possible to determine who they belong to.

It is important that all PE kit and pumps are kept in a simple shoe bag, marked with the child's name.


In the interests of children's safety we would prefer them NOT to wear jewellery.  No necklaces, bracelets or rings please.  A watch is permitted, as are stud earrings only, in order to protect a pierced ear.  We expect your co-operation in the intrest of safety for all.

Thank You

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